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Tough Leaf’s mission is to help companies thrive by eliminating the barriers to meaningful diversity and inclusion in construction. We help prime contractors achieve project diversity goals by matching them with the right certified small, local, and diverse subcontractors.

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Our team has created individual profiles of over 200,000 certified small, local, and diverse subcontractors across the U.S. These diverse firm profiles showcase company strengths, certifications, and capabilities. You can claim and manage your company's profile to ensure relevant bid invites are sent to your inbox

Benefits of claiming your Tough Leaf profile include:

  • Free opportunities to bid on matched projects sent directly to your inbox
  • Self-service access to open projects posted by general contractors and developers
  • Confidence that these are authentic opportunities from primes
  • Free, downloadable capability statements
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General Contractors, Owners, and Government Agencies Work with Tough Leaf to Find Certified Diverse Subcontractors

When Primes are tasked with achieving project diversity goals, they hire Tough Leaf to help them source the right firms for the job. They give us their requirements and we handle the outreach, vetting, and matching through the Tough Leaf platform.

Benefits of being verified on Tough Leaf include:

  • 1 We email the firms with capabilities and certifications that match the job’s requirements
  • 2 Those firms indicate whether they are interested in bidding on the opportunity
  • 3 Our Customer Success Team sets up a call to discuss the project, answer your questions, confirm the match, and timeline for submitting the bid
  • 4 We also advise on capacity-building services to help diverse firms prepare for the opportunity


Do I have to pay anything to be part of the Tough Leaf platform?

No. Tough Leaf is free for certified diverse firms. Simply claim your profile (link) to increase the likelihood that you receive relevant bid opportunities from primes searching for companies with your capabilities.

I’m not certified. Can I still participate?

Tough Leaf helps prime contractors achieve project diversity goals. To ensure we deliver on that promise, we only focus on subcontractors who have a diverse certification (MWBE, DBE, SBE, SDVOB, etc.)

Does Tough Leaf offer certifications of assistance with obtaining certifications?

No. We focus on matching certified diverse firms with opportunities that match their capabilities.

Still have questions? Book time to speak to our Customer Success Team.