Construction Workers

We are pleased to announce the addition of Heron Wolf as our exclusive staffing partner.

Heron Wolf, recent winners of the CBR Top Construction Staffing Firm is the only specialized recruiting service that has a division that solely focuses on construction & Commercial Real Estate associated Diverse Firms (MBE, WBE, DBE, SDVOB, SBE) to fulfill their staffing, succession planning, benefits analysis needs along with methods as position a company as an employer of choice.

In a labor market where unemployment is below 4%, finding and retaining talent in the construction & commercial real estate industry is a difficult and time-consuming challenge. Understanding how to attract and retain talent whilst being seen as a competitive employer is no easy feat. Heron Wolf will support your firm throughout the entire recruitment process for those hiring, or work with your business to bring you up to date on your benefits and remuneration, online visibility and employer branding, and Tough Leaf members will benefit from:

Please feel free to schedule a consultation with Heron Wolf by reaching out to them directly here.

Call them at: (302) 608-0050

Tough Leaf welcomes the services and expertise which Heron Wolf Staffing will provide to our members. We always strive to assist your business in achieving success in the public and private business sectors.