Diversity Compliance Goals

Helping General Contractors and Developers achieve their diversity compliance goals

Contractors spend a substantial amount of time sourcing online directories for Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Service Disabled and Veteran Owned, and Local Business Enterprises, only to end up with inaccurate data. Here is where Tough Leaf comes in with its innovative solutions.

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Largest Directory of Diverse Businesses

Tough Leaf's database features an extensive database of more than 80,000 certified Diverse Companies (MBE, WBE, DBE, SDVOB, LBE, VOB, SBE and more) , spanning a wide range of trades and fields. Our platform delivers detailed information about qualified Diverse Subcontractors, Engineers, Consultants, Vendors, and Suppliers, allowing Contractors and Developers to effortlessly share project requirements and receive a list of carefully selected MWBE and DBE Businesses that fulfill their qualifications, possess the necessary resources to undertake the work, and can submit a quote within the deadline.

Thorough Capability Statement

Tough Leaf's centralized database is a rich source of data on Diverse Companies, comprising essential information such as their certifications, NAICS codes, union affiliations, bonding capacity, insurance coverage, annual revenue, and past project performance.

Construction and Non-Construction Fields and Trades Covered

Tough Leaf's platform covers a comprehensive range of certifications and capabilities, spanning diverse fields such as electrical, welding, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, contracting and construction, masonry and concreting, painting, drywall, transportation, logistics and trucking, engineering and consulting, design and architecture, surveying, landscaping and excavation, maintenance, renovation, janitorial and cleaning, steel, metal wood and glass fabrication, manufacturing and supply, inspection and testing, HVAC, insulation and fireproofing, environmental services, traffic signals, roads, rails and paving, pipes, infrastructure and utilities, office furniture, information technology and data analysis, health care, personal care, accounting, marketing, printing, and hundreds of other specialized areas.

Advanced Matching Service - Matching Platform

Tough Leaf's innovative platform enables General Contractors (GC) and Developers to connect with Minority-owned, Women-owned, Disadvantaged-owned businesses, and other Diverse Firms (DF) that precisely match their project needs. The "Matching Platform" evaluates the project requirements posted by GCs at a package level, and assesses the capabilities of various Diverse Firms to find the best match. The Matching Platform considers several factors, such as Diverse Companies' certifications, union affiliations, NAICS certifications, previous similar projects, and other attributes, to qualify MWBEs, DBEs, and SDVOBs capable of delivering the required project.

By utilizing the Matching Platform, diverse firms gain access to a wide range of projects and GCs looking for companies with their specific qualifications. This approach ensures that the right diverse firm is connected to the right project, giving diverse firms access to the jobs they can perform while enabling GCs to fulfill their minority goal requirements efficiently.

For the first time, General Contractors and Developers have access to an effortless solution to match with pre-screened Minority-owned, Women-Owned, Disadvantaged-owned, Service Disabled and Veteran Owned, and Local Business Enterprises with nationwide coverage all in a single cutting-edge platform. Experience the benefits of our platform by scheduling a demo today.