Tough Leaf Announces Procore Partnership and Product Integration

POSTED BY: Tough Leaf | 6th June 2023

Procore users have a fast and easy solution for finding vetted diverse firms with nationwide coverage in a single platform.

New York, NY, June 6, 2023 - Tough Leaf, a leader in diverse firm procurement, announced a partnership with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of construction management software. Tough Leaf allows contractors to match with Diverse Firms that meet their project requirements, have the capacity to do the work and are committed to providing a proposal by the deadline. With an extensive database housing over 80,000 certified Diverse Companies, including MBE, WBE, DBE, SDVOB, LBE, VOB, SBE, and more, Tough Leaf empowers contractors with an unparalleled selection of qualified options.

Tough Leaf can be found on Procore’s App Marketplace, which extends the construction management platform’s functionality by enabling users the freedom to connect existing processes and workflows. Tough Leaf offers comprehensive data on qualified Diverse Subcontractors, Engineers, Consultants, Vendors, and Suppliers, enabling Contractors and Developers to seamlessly share their project requirements and receive a list of vetted Diverse Firms.

“With our partnership with Procore, we're excited to provide Procore users with nationwide coverage of certified Diverse Firms in a single platform,” said Wissam Akra, Co-Founder at Tough Leaf. “Tough Leaf delivers a data-driven solution that brings businesses together to deliver high-quality projects.”

Tough Leaf's centralized database comprises data about Diverse Companies, including their certifications, NAICS codes, union affiliation, bonding capacity, insurance, yearly revenue, and past projects performed. With the Procore software integration, users can search the database and onboard Diverse Firms to their projects.

Founded at Columbia Business School, Tough Leaf's mission is to empower Diverse Firms to grow their business and enable Contractors and Developers to achieve their diversity goals. To date, Tough Leaf has awarded over $110M to Diverse Firms through the platform, with a goal of increasing awards rapidly to other qualified users.

This is a fantastic platform, I am glad someone is finally doing it. Finally, I do not have to spend hours looking through outdated databases and calling companies that are no longer in business” said Firas Safa, at Restani Construction.

This is an excellent platform for MBE firms like mine! Tough Leaf is what every MBE should have, and I will refer all MBE colleagues that I come across.” Bernardo- Quality Wet Paint, LLC.

About Tough Leaf

Tough Leaf covers a vast range of certifications and capabilities, including but not limited to electrical, welding, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, contracting and construction, masonry and concreting, transportation, logistics and trucking, engineering and consulting, design and architecture, surveying, landscaping and excavation, maintenance, renovation, janitorial and cleaning, steel, metal wood and glass fabrication, manufacturing and supply, inspection and testing, HVAC, insulation and fireproofing, environmental services, traffic signals, roads, rails and paving, pipes, infrastructure and utilities, information technology and data analysis, health care and personal care, accounting , marketing, printing and hundreds of other specialties.

For the first time, Procore users have a fast and easy solution for finding vetted Diverse Firms with nationwide coverage in a single platform. To learn more, visit our website or schedule a demo here.

About Procore

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