Project Managers

With Tough Leaf all the small, local, and diverse subcontractors chosen for your project have the qualifications and experience to get the job done.

Reliable Vetting for Diverse Subcontractors that Leads to Effective Construction Teams

At Tough Leaf, we understand the importance of assembling a diverse and capable project team to guarantee success. That’s why we offer comprehensive subcontractor vetting services to ensure that the small, local, and diverse firms considered for your project have the right background, skills, and experience.

We enhance subcontractor diversity initiatives by providing:

  • Advanced matching & vetting services
  • Transparency on subcontractor diversity
  • Exceptional outreach & bid coaching
  • Capacity-building support to diverse firm subcontractors & vendors
  • Compliance monitoring to track when firms gain or lose a diverse certification throughout the lifetime of your project

Trust Tough to find you qualified diverse firms, so you can deliver exceptional projects.