Government Teams

Tough Leaf is your solution for effective supplier diversity programs.

Project Diversity, Simplified

Local, state, and federal agencies demonstrate their commitment to diversity, economic development, and equal opportunity by partnering with Tough Leaf.

Tough Leaf can enhance diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing:

  • Transparency and accountability with general contractors and construction managers
  • Advanced matching & vetting services
  • Exceptional outreach to small, local, and diverse firms
  • Proven strategies and customizable programs to achieve your agency objectives
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Access to 200,000 accurate and up to date diverse firm profiles, covering over 100 certifications
  • Education and capacity-building support to local subcontractors and vendors

    Case Study

    City of New Rochelle Partners with Tough Leaf to Strengthen Its Diverse Supplier Program

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    Gain Valuable Visibility Through User-Friendly Dashboards & Reporting

    Once we’ve matched you with qualified diverse firms, the process doesn’t stop there. Our team of construction experts makes certain business records are up to date so you benefit from real-time accuracy around compliance and participation. No more spreadsheet inconsistencies or information growing stale.

    Our intuitive dashboards and reports provide visibility into critical diversity program metrics without the added workload for you or your team:

    • Check overall compliance against goals at a glance
    • Know the contract value awarded to MWBEs on each project
    • Review which specific diverse firms are actively working on each job
    • Track when firms gain or lose a diverse certification

    Get in touch with Tough Leaf and ensure that these initiatives achieve their intended goals without adding extra work for the people involved.